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The Quantified Self
According to Wikipedia, TQS includes self-monitoring and self-sensing, which combines wearable sensors (EEG, ECG, video, etc.) and wearable computing, is also known as “life-logging”. Other names for using self-tracking data to improve daily functioning are “self-tracking”, “auto-analytics”, “body hacking” and “self-quantifying”.

 BBC podcast “The Quantified Self – Can Life Be Measured?”

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The Quantified Self explained - podcast


Consciousness matters
According to the most advanced sciences, behaviour is in fact the only ‘real’ thing we have.

In fact any thought or preference expressed via social media does have influence and effect …

Certainly the field of Behavioural Economics is in need of more current and eclectic design changes, at the same time as we remove from power those minds unable to embrace the new movement of money (The Neo-Economy) as we collectively grow into this new bottom-up human power dynamic.

Isn’t “slacktivism” a false term conceived in academic ignorance?
Aren’t our online “clicks” and “Likes” in fact real influencers?
Can’t our thoughts now be considered behaviours?


Human Architecture
Here Alistair Parvin touches on the new bottom-up style of humanity’s modus operandi that we are seeing with the likes of social media, social justice, leadership accountability that are sweeping across the world with exponential popularity day by day.

No doubt at some point soon we will see things like traffic lights that change colour in line with what the traffic wants at any particular time.
No doubt the digital universe of self-replicating code that presides over the movement of money will alter our conception of ‘economy’, and relegate irresponsible and wasteful financial practices to the sidelines.

And it’s likely that the field of primary importance in relation to the movement of money will be advertising …


Irrational Decision-Makiing


The ‘neo-economy’ going to the next level


Potential pitfalls in big data thinking


Engagement through altruism


Utilising existing behaviours

The simplest and most sure-fire route to success and ROI is to simply change what results from existing behaviours.


The New Incentives
The powerful behavioural concepts of autonomy, mastery and purpose.

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