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Social Media requires Social Psychology
Ever met a so-called “social media specialist”? The next time you do, be sure to pose a couple of questions related to social psychology.

You’ll find they’ll know next to nothing about social psychology – individual or collective – in fact they are unlikely to be academically schooled in social or behavioural psychology in any way whatsoever.

Beware of agency “Behaviour Smoke & Mirrors”
Also be careful not to accept any old “human behaviour” rant from an agency on face value, regardless of how large and shiny the agency looks, or how charismatic and well-scripted their figureheads may come across on TV.

Always dig deeper into an agency’s offering and the foundations behind their claims, or strategic premises they pitch.

Even consider taking Marketing Futures (or some well prepared questions) along with you when you are meeting an agency to discuss a social media or even a general strategic approach.

Our Social Media Services
We specialise particularly in facebook audience building, marketing, engagement and creative, supported by twitter and Pinterest (and Instagram which we encourage our clients to control on their own) to make up the social media platform foundation, and we have a strong specialisation in YouTube video optimisation, promotion, virality and social/SEO tie-in.

Mobile-friendly Google-winning HTML5 websites
Social media and online audience engagement includes websites.

We focus heavily on search engine optimised sites that are found by prospective customers. Sites which then engage the customer because they have been written properly, and they link effectively to social media for all customers to ‘keep in touch’.

Our SEO methods and results are unrivaled, which is a big call you might say, as we are not an “SEO agency” per se. Enquire about our website offerings and you’ll be as impressed with the results as much as you are surprised by the modest cost.

Marketing Futures – straight to the social realities
Our aim is to pass on the knowledge we have during our involvement with each other, so that you can benefit from some of the tricks of the social psychology trade, so to speak.

We will be frank and open with you, detailing why some things are the way they are, and need to be the way they must.

Let us know your challenge and we will answer you instantly, informing of the potential that exists for growth through the use of social media.

We have no aversion against working with any size of company or client.

You may find that as part of our conversation with you that we may suggest your business avoids some social media avenues altogether, as they represent a complete mis-match for your company and are fraught with danger, and offer no advantage.

Whatever the case may be, we are confident you will feel refreshed by our examples of success across many and varied clients and by our forthright approach towards your challenge, as you will be excited by what awaits your business and the audiences that you are still unaware beckon your arrival.

Don’t be a stranger!
Feel free to enjoy our own social medi properties we are building for you, such as our Pinterest boards at , or our video collection at or just check out the facebook Page at for all the latest insights and updates from around the world.

You can also get across various insights and content via your twitter account if you like – the handle is @mktgfutures and the profile can be found at

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