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What is Marketing Futures?

Digitally the Marketing Futures platform is an online hub designed to keep pace with behavioural economics and consumer psychology, in addition to the latest in witty advertising, engaging marketing campaigns, brand strategies, etc.

In the real world Marketing Futures provides consulting and implementation services to clients and agencies seeking strategies and creative engagement that drive brands somewhere better by looking forwards “out the windscreen” as opposed to two-dimensionally “at the rear-view mirror”.

Both left- and right-brained in approach and in practice, MF operates on a balanced diet of rigorous psychological study and application, together with unbridled creativity.

The focus is on a growth mindset, as opposed to a fixed one.

Services and specialities include digital strategy; social media implementation and campaign planning and execution; integrated communications planning and implementation; ATL creative advertising and promotion strategy, planning and direction; copywriting; brand strategy (product and corporate) and; stakeholder engagement and business strategy consultation.

Marketing Futures connotes a unique approach centred about one core truth – relevant, up-to-date, accurate human science insights interwoven with game-changing creativity aimed at behaviour change guarantees bottom-line results.

The Marketing Futures approach rests upon a foundation of up-to-the-minute insights from across more than 30 different sub-disciplines of psychology, combined with the boldest of innovation and youth-of-spirit manifested in free entrepreneurial business thinking.

Marketing Futures is volatility, virility and vision.

What is the Marketing Futures difference?
First of all the belief that there is little difference between great strategists and great creatives, in that they are great strategists.

Predictable and predictive human patterns and behavioural types and tendencies are well-known to disciplines such as biology, anthropology, developmental psychology, social psychology, evolutionary psychology, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and to some extent behavioural economics.

Marketing Futures embodies this, and is more deeply ingrained in up-to-date findings across the spectrum of psychology than any other agency.

Strangely, the greater marketing industry appears to care little about any of these theoretical disciplines and their application to creative solutions. Even if one or two areas are even given a slipshod glance, there is an underlying fear-and-loathing of such depth that there remains no ‘seat at the table’ for the actual wearers of such ‘hats’.

However, even if a part-time behavioural economics buff is able to slap together what can be sold as “an insight” via a 1980’s “consumer cognitive processing error” or two, this is not an appropriate solution to the challenges the industry now faces.

Multiple relevant, multi-functional, predictive insights from all the above disciplines need to be creatively applied to actual delivery outcomes to ensure success, and to avoid backlash.

It is also pertinent to point out in the same breath that all the while the most critical element is the simplification.

The Marketing Futures guarantee is simplified insights that are actually accurate. Ideas that make sense, as well as change the game.

Crystal clear, highly relevant deliverables that make the greatest impact. Strong return-on-investment.

As this century unfolds we are clearly starting to see communications convergence, with paid, owned and earned media now morphing into a complex amalgam of gestalt interactivity all throughout the marketing ecosystem, which makes the behavioural dynamic all the more relevant.

No level of technology, intellect or creativity can guarantee results if the critical behavioural elements are missing from the work.


This is not suggesting a team of “white coats” or “super geeks” should come along and undermine creativity, team dynamic or industry tradition – it means anything but that.

The driving purpose is to set innovative minds free towards the pursuit of the best behavioural outcomes by ensuring at the outset that the correct customer passion, pain, and performance points are identified and engaged.

Thank you for visiting, and here’s hoping at least some of the growing collection of content here might be helpful for your endeavours.

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