‘Get’ Your Business

Dear CEO,

It may be a helpful exercise to ask yourself…

What is the business vision? What is the brand vision?

Am I satisfied with the way the two are interconnected?

Perhaps you have not had the time to consider in detail these most vital of business considerations from which everything extends?

You would certainly not be the first, nowadays philosophical alignment is oft given a back seat at best.

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– Less than desirable marketing ROI is directly linked to an underlying disparity between the brand vision and business vision.
– Most companies over-focus on the sales function, without fostering a united vision and ‘core self’ across all teams and contributors.
– Almost all companies evolve in “grow as we go” fashion, thus ending up with parts of the offering outside core competencies/capabilities.
– Most companies have a vastly different perception of their company’s persona, compared to what it actually is or what it should be projected as.

The above examples bring about the attraction of or aim towards the wrong customers, and to outdated or unnecessary communications output.

A 30% increase in productivity from the organisation’s existing members can be expected once the business and brand visions are aligned.

You need to attract the customers that match your true, ideal company persona and expand and develop with an organic, accurate vision.

To maximise gains for the business you need to adopt the right approach and engagement style for today’s and tomorrow’s audience.


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