Business Persona Consulting

Getting it
We can instantly unlock true, actionable insights distilled from your company’s psyche and persona itself, with just one or two day friendly intentional interviewing centred around your company in the form of you and your key employees.

All the information we need to advise you on swift success comes from you, it’s already there right now, you just haven’t tapped into it.

In just two days you can get a solid grasp of, and be ready to build on, your company’s true personality and core brand.

Too many companies see their marketing spend go to waste due to a disjointed collective self-image that gets carried around and imposed on the wrong customers. This continually causes and/or results in ineffective interactions, hence the invisible cycle and money drain continues.

Getting on with it
We can also help you construct or respond to any branding, marketing, or communications brief.

Our advertising, marketing, brand architecture, strategic planning and creative direction methods uncover and refine insights and deliverables that make a difference. Quickly.

We guide companies through a swift and easy process of implementing marketing and communications deliverables centred around behaviour change in consumers, not to mention sales increases and robust commercial success. No more shallow tactics and disconnected external advisory.

We apply supported academic theory and concise tools combined with brand positioning imperatives and engagement creation for ongoing gain as your organisation is allowed to grow, develop and communicate with the collective more naturally.


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