Cronies be warned


… a cultural movement that is very nearly a global culture in and of itself (without a cent of direct funding) is in its final stages of formation – if it isn’t already obvious to you by the exponential viral spread of images* like the ones shown here.

A collective consciousness unlike anything in human history, operating in its own self-created, self-funded, self-administered paradigm.

A neural network of visceral sentiment and organised self-government principles and tools utilised for greater human benefit on a daily basis, growing exponentially minute by minute.

(…and no it’s not just “social media” or “passive-aggressive kids” with self-entitlement issues.)

A movement so powerful that it will force the alteration of words like “company”, “business”, “government” and “culture” away from their inept, two-dimensional definitions.

It will also demand re-definition of concepts like “ownership” which will in turn bring down ridiculous notions of terms like “owned media”.

So, to our dear misguided cronies (ie anyone who thinks “I’ll work for and bring benefit to this group without regard for the impact I have on humanity’s welfare and the consequences imposed on humanity by my group, and I’m comfortable being loyal to and protecting this group.”), guess what? I bring you bad news.

The world is no longer your world.

Not only that, but due to the way history is going to pan out, the collective knowledge of your time as a competitive entity will be summarily erased from memory…

Memory reformation

As a matter of fact, the situation for you is so bad that the only thing capable of stopping your fall from power over the next decade would be the complete destruction of planet Earth itself.

Either that, or a complete re-definition of your organisation and the scrapping of your products, services or doctrines that brings with it a decade or two of slashed profit followed by massive losses both cultural and commercial – which can be safely assumed is not going to happen.

To wit the question;

Is your organisation prepared for the day when a billion people can download an app that cuts off their bank account from yours automatically, and channels their funds into more morally aligned companies at the push of a button?

Be assured there is no chance for the continuance of your path or any “redesign of perception”. You have in principle already been dethroned.

The world is becoming wise about misguided ways…


… and misguided systems.


The world is establishing the facts for itself.


Factually re-writing history,


and in doing so jinking the collective consciousness towards more objective viewpoints.


The true world order is the people looking out for the people,


calling out groups for cheating,

nfl no tax



or just singling them out for being downright greedy, arrogant or in this case, litigiously moronic.

IMG_0813 (2)

One of the problems inherent in nature’s production of higher order animals is that with size and power came the perception of being immune to civilised principles like justice and altruism.


Fortunately however, this century we are seeing the emergence of an almighty beast – the human collective – that is effectively larger than humanity itself (if that can be believed) which renders no organised human sub-group able to dominate it. Something a bit beyond the biases and localised dominance of all things animalistic.

The collective will increasingly put more and more profit-raking groups in check,


and the collective will possess the power to swiftly punish any refusal to change.


This unprecedented power will be free from capture or control by any one corporation, government or organised body.

The new world order will be free from any name, identity or financial source-of-origin.

Further, when it does need to wield its power in the form of known entities, it will involve multiple alliances of rival entities that set aside their competition with each other in the name of a united purpose to shut down misguided cronies and their pernicious groups.


The randomised chaos of an ordered humanity is no longer latent or fleeting, it is now very much overt. Not to mention permanent.

slap in the facebook

It favours no one and no thing, not even itself.

As a result the collective is becoming capable of keeping itself honest,

self-policing via online

philosophically stable,


more aware of and embarrassed by our own imbalances,


more aware of racism,


of injustice,

big bankbullshit

and unfairness.


We are challenging ourselves just as much as the “powers that be” that we are toppling.

IMG_0812 (2)

Challenging our own assumptions


and behaviours,


being open about our flaws

Fox News Presenters - cultural capital variation nil

and our misguided beliefs, both day-to-day


and generation-to-generation.


Keeping ourselves more healthy,


less wasteful,


better educated,


more self-sufficient,

myo soda






Dear fatty




gender equity

and thoughtful.


Alerting each other to the presence of scams,


whilst making each other more cognisant of deftly branded lies,

aspartame poison post

and cheating brands,

IMG_1238 (2)

as well as advising each other how best to try and avoid “dressed up trickery” in general.


Revealing rather shocking truths about products,


and their scientifically verified dangers,


whilst highlighting feeble attempts at staged redemption by such companies,

Diabetes PEPSI

not to mention their feeble, shall we even say “pea-brained” cultural confusion tactics …

All the while being sure to have a laugh about the current state of the civilisation we created,


whilst contributing towards improved consumer product development as we chuckle.


The world is now, like never before, challenging itself

1465328_554772981267732_157102765_n (1)

and thinking more objectively about itself


for the benefit of itself,


whilst also providing much-needed positive examples of desirable group behaviours,


in addition to providing recognition and inspiration for individuals,


and eliminating excuses for lack of effort.


The true world order is reinforcing that each and every individual human and human sub-culture is more than just a numberor name on a gravestone.

Reinforcing the fact that actual empathy, respect for others and the sincerity of shared moments alone can provide the happiness, social solidarity and immortal feeling of unbreakable connection that every individual seeks for themselves and for others.

The very same phenomena that we know can eventually forge indefinite peace amongst people, and between peoples.

In the same way that a monkey can obtain comfort from a cloth-covered mother statue with a milk bottle strapped to it, social media fosters in a sense of very real connectedness, without requiring people to necessarily be face-to-face in order to experience or be reminded of that connection. 

Further, social media actually brings about improved face-to-face interactions, despite what some “experts” might claim.

Just like an orphan who can become a millionaire despite receiving only the bare minimum from society and its care institutions, our electronic connectedness is forging (for geographically separated ordinary people) a singular interconnected consciousness that can only be likened in interpersonal power to the super close-knit ancient human tribes and communities.

…and that tribe demands good behaviour, it demands justice-oriented natural systems similar to its own, and in time it will show its own remarkable capability to achieve it.

It needs to be duly noted that social media is as  much a return to our natural origins as it is the harnessing of the most powerful and enduring original piece of advanced technology known to our universe – consciousness.

The Era of the Falling Giant
So if you belong to a jerk brand, company or any “misguided crony group” with a warped, out-of-touch consciousness that manufactures or distributes crap which kills, damages or irritates Earth or its constituents, perhaps you might now begin to understand how very few days your jerk squad has left in its present form.

Indeed it would be less than wise to underestimate the nature of exponential acceleration. To say that time is of the essence for misguided entities is an understatement if ever there was one.

It should be noted that I don’t believe there is anything wrong with someone being a member of a jerk squad at all, as long as you admit it to yourself, and do something about it. Much deserved of respect is the person who says “Well how about I learn this beast from the inside and very well change it!”.

So beware all misguided crony groups, there is a hoard coming for you that cannot be stopped, duped, deceived, avoided or recruited to get on board with your methods or aims to date.

There is a unifying movement of movements that’s becoming all one movement – a movement that has people themselves in charge of finding, developing, rewarding and reproducing the output of this species.

A culture in which “governments” and “corporations” are taking on a new role whereby they facilitate and obey the collective in order to be allowed to rake reasonable profits.

You can look at the formative components  of the true world order, such as social media, protest groups, likes, shares, or even “slacktivism”, and you can mock and doubt all you like, but rest assured you will end up with egg on your face soon enough.

Best change your organisation at its core starting right now, and have it done by 2030 and at the very least put all your marketing expenditure towards righting the wrongs that your products of the past and present have done and continue to do. Otherwise you will very soon be little more than shameful history.

Approach it with however much disdain and denial as you like, collective humanity ceased caring about excuses, stalling and ignorance about 10 years ago and the untenable position of such groups along with the terms of their redemption are entirely non-negotiable.

McDonalds brought down by Jamie Oliver

If it were just me talking about it then it wouldn’t represent anything significant alarm. However I am referring to the commitment of billions of individuals representing the largest most domineering democratic dictatorship anyone could ever dream up. “Well-guided cronies” perhaps we could say.

To label social media a “passing fad” is about as ridiculously false as the statement “TV no longer entertains people”.

Social media displays quite clearly that we are in the midst of an entire shift of the very vibration of the collective consciousness, and a misguided group’s only course of action may be scrapping the entire selection of products, services or doctrine and starting over.

I’m confident in making this kind of assertion, especially when all I am doing is relaying facts that have already been firmly established and set in motion across the species by billions of others.

The Harsh Reality for Misguided Entities
Simply put, if you can’t be inspired by and sell something real, something worthwhile for humanity that contributes genuinely to its future well-being as a company, organisation or group, then get gone.

You’ll have no place in business, public dealings or public life beyond the 2020s.

If, by chance, however, a currently misguided corporation, organisation or group is interested in reforming towards more appropriate conduct, principles, products, services etc, along with more appropriate brand image and communications output, then that group should stay together and stick around. The collective would love to have you.

BUT be prepared to quickly commence making significantly less profit in order to transition towards more admirable ends – a very savvy investment … especially considering it’s actually the only option for survival.

The Century of Salience
Getting back to the topic of individuals, groups and the new cultural collective with a conscience – the positive upshot is, greater humanity is becoming much more ‘self-aware’.

Through confrontational text and imagery it is facing the internal terror of being human – utilising the positive effects of mortality salience,


becoming more focused on threats to its longevity and embedding symbols into its collective consciousness to keep ever-present threats in mind,


as well as circulating bits of information as a reminder of what it has to do in order to stay on track,


and most importantly becoming more encouraging of the individuals and groups committed to appropriate methods of progress and commercial striving…


…along with engaging reminders of the courage it takes to contribute outside one’s comfort zone. 


Join the Neuronal Network
So if you haven’t joined in yet, why not give it a try, it’s not just cat videos – they are just a welcome break in between the study towards more robust versions of truth, amongst the bouts of mortality salience and super-ego tutorials.

Why not get on board and come on in for the big win with the true world order.

Here’s a link to to get you started: 

*all images in this post are open-sourced content created and posted for sharing by authors not related to Marketing Futures in any way

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Great post.Yes here it comes and not a moment to soon with population climbing all the time our technology must become able to reverse damage as well.


Sam J.

This is brilliant and there needs to be more, I think governments more than anybody need to answer for their atrocities.

Perhaps fluoridated water is funny for some people, but for the masses its becoming less amusing the more the truth comes out.


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