How about 10 Glass questions …

Starting with 9 of the more obvious, playful muses…

1- If you and I like, face each other in the mall and like, “hang out”, won’t we both have like 360 degree mall vision?

2- Won’t I once again end up banished to the social second tier when Facemask or The iSEE come out?

3- If a concert is all sold-out, can I do Pay-Per-View via a concert ticket-holder’s Glass?

4- Are there any Cheetahs in captivity tame enough to ‘Glass it up’?

5- Won’t radio-controlled aircraft become drones?

6- Can I wear a second pair on the back of my head as well?

7- Could police confiscate my Glass as evidence?

8- Will Microsoft Kinect detect my device?

9- Can I get Perspex?

Google Glass - Home


BUT WAIT, there’s one more!

…. just a little one:

10 – How on Earth do you expect to get away with making the majority of human beings on the planet feel violated, threatened and utterly irritated on a daily basis?

Google may be a ‘stand-out’ entity in some respects but it does unfortunately suffer from the same debilitating condition which the majority of tech-centric companies are cursed with.

The company, the culture, the people are almost entirely left-brained.

Given how left-brained they are, I’m surprised our friendly yankee Googlers don’t fall out of their car whilst driving.

I’ve met and observed Googlians in multiple countries and it’s as obvious as it is alarming.


It is an extraordinarily lop-sided company that is also, rather scarily, trying to exert commanding influence on extraordinarily important facets of human society.

I’m not saying I expected Google to be any different to what it is, but I think there are a lot of us hoping that it can and will become something different to what it is now, so that a more balanced pillar of information infrastructure might result.

Only from an entirely left-brained culture would you see an invention like Google Glass conceived, designed, developed, manufactured, launched and distributed without so much as an objective behavioural review on the effects of Glass in and on society at large.

Had such due diligence been done, Glass would be much different – at the very least it might have a more BtoB focus.

Perhaps such consumer behaviour/sentiment studies were carried out but their results ignored?

After much consideration, I see no way Google Glass is going to be anything but condemned and flatly rejected all over the world.

Success within enterprise/Government? Maybe.

Success with consumers? No not never hardly.

Unfortunately for Google, it’s quite likely that Glass will go down in history as a monumental failure.

Possibly, had Google taken (or been capable of) a different approach from the get-go then there could have been a chance to make Glass publicly tenable.

Alas the horse has bolted, and the concept as it stands is very clear.


Clearly bad.

A balanced Google all grown up may be quite influential

On an individual level, no matter how bright you think you are, if you’re unbalanced in the use of your brain you can be found wanting any day of the week.

The same is true for companies.

Sooner or later Google has to realise that they are meticulously going about hiring only the type of people that start a great TECHNOLOGY company, not the kind of people make a great company brilliant and most importantly forge a brand that truly connects to greater society.

The gestalt wisdom and pragmatic application powers of a handful of both-brained, emotionally intelligent thinkers of lower than average intellect are capable of astute judgement and the execution of effective leadership at a level far superior to that of all the left-brain geniuses in the world combined.

The most influential company on the planet cannot remain for much longer a carefully screened army of semi-neurotic geeks drunk on self-entitlement issues prancing around the planet with the grandiose illusion that they have themselves, life, everyone and everything all figured out and under control by the tender age of 35.

Sorry Generation Y, but contrary to what you might believe, you have not yet arrived at the point where you run the world, you’re not even close and you’re on a path to never get there at all.

Further, you can’t continue ignoring the views of Generation X if you ever hope to get there.

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Allie M.

Fantabulous I want one/them/it ! Cant wait for Samsung to bring out a model that does everything we need….


Ram Singh

So many implications in these, such as privacy, user security, sharing of adult content, capturing graphic scenes and sharing, and are we losing grip of reality and what’s around us, the people who are right in front of us?



These are good. As long as their free I am happy to wear them around and be a googlian…



Lol these won’t be allowed on campus at ADFA!



It is true this is fail. Biggest companies are lowest intelligence.


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